Call me beautiful, like it’s my name

ea. osei
1 min readSep 4, 2020

call me beautiful, like it’s my name

i love the sound of it, spoken by you

when you call me beautiful, i become beautiful

when you call me yours, i become yours

i become somebody’s something

i choose to believe i become somebody’s everything

and when you insist i’m yours, i am yours

i’m a reflection of the words you caress me with

the beautiful ones, the ugly ones

and i become a reflection of your insecurities

the parts of you i’ve chosen to ignore

and i‘m becoming a reflection of you

one that i can’t recognize

and as the tensions rise

it seems i’m falling

the reflection shatters, and the pieces catch glimpses of you

and it seems you have left me


you’ve taken my name with you

i would like to have me back, but then again i guess i was never mine

black woman in front of shattered mirror
taken from

e. a. 2020